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Sabato, 23 Febbraio 2019
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Provincia Autonoma di Trento - Mondotrentino


BLUEPRINT 2016, USA, MAY 25 - 30

Interactive workshop open to Trentino Tyrolean people living in Canada and the U.S.A. aged 18-24 & 25-39



It is an interactive workshop - promoted by the Autonomous Province of Trento-Italy - for a selected group of 60 participants, Americans and Canadians, aged 18 to 39, with Trentino Tyrolean roots.

The purpose of the gathering, which will be held in English, is to facilitate networking among Trentini, to deepen discovery of Trentino culture, and to create robust bonds for future exchanges of ideas and business opportunities.



It is YOU, as part of a network of connections from your past through to today and into tomorrow

It is US, a connection point for Trentini around the world, each bringing a part of the blueprint to life

It is a journey of discovery about your Trentino roots and family ancestry

It is a moment to learn about educational, professional and lifelong learning opportunities

It is a get-together for those who share a bond with the Trentino culture with a focus towards creating new connections for future exchanges of ideas, business opportunities and travel stories

It is innovation and interaction, as some sessions will be conducted using existing technologies and devices to bring the fun and learning to life, along with potential future connections

It is open creativity, where you will define new models of communication, interconnectivity and togetherness all with the goal of deepening our relationships

It is an intensive five-day workshop weaving together our ideas, professions, competencies and friendships in an atmosphere of fun

It is open to ALL Trentini-Tyrolean descendants who live in Canada or the United States America, aged between 18 and 39 years, just feel free to join us


BLUEPRINT 2016 is an opportunity for growth in ourselves, within our culture and with each other.

This workshop

  • will be conducted in English only
  • is FREE (accomodation will be provided by the Organization – information about travel expenses remboursement will be given by March 31, 2016)



Country: U.S.A.







submit the attached A1 form to info@mondotrentino.net by January 31, 2016

STEP 2 : ADMISSION by March 31, 2016

Selected candidates will get an email from info@mondotrentino.net with further details about travel and accomodations


2016, May25
Arrival of all participants to given locationin Rock Springs (for dinner)

2016, May 26
Opening of workshop
Welcome address and introduction
After the plenary talk all participants will be divided in 3 groups, each one having a leading Staff
Brainstorming activities in each working group, to bring out contents of interest to be related to Trentini networking in NorthAmerica and worldwide
Plenary talk

2016, May 27 – 28 – 29
Team work activities giving value to personal/educational/professional skills
One-day cultural tour “Exploring the Historic Pioneer Trails into the Past”

2016, May30
Plenary talk about theBlueprint 2016 workshop experience
Guidelinesfor future actions
Closing session
Departures after lunch



BLUEPRINT 2016 is sponsored and organized by the Autonomous Province of Trento through the Emigration Office

in cooperation with
Consultore Lucia Larentis Flaim, Official Representative of the Trentini Community in Canada for the Autonomous Province of Trento
Consultore Luca Dorigatti, Official Representative of the Trentini Community in the USA for the Autonomous Province of Trento
Association Trentini nel Mondo - Trento, Italy
Association Unione Famiglie Trentine all'Estero - Trento, Italy
Association Società Americana / American Society - Storo (Italy)

promoted by
ITTONA - International Tyrolean Trentino Organization of North America
NAYTO - North American Young Trentini Organization
All Trentini-Tyrolean Clubs in Canada and in the USA


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