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Domenica, 09 Maggio 2021
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Provincia Autonoma di Trento - Mondotrentino



from Holland tells us how he lived these last months.... without forgetting his Trentino origins

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Who are you and where do you live? What links you to Trentino?

My name is Joshua Fronza, I am 17 years old and I live in Arnhem, the Netherlands, together with my mother and my stepfather. My biological father is called Stefano Fronza. At a young age my father and mother split up. My father returned to Trento, his hometown. I come to Trento every year with great pleasure and it is my second home and the place where my family lives. Even though I was born and raised in Holland, I feel a connection to Trento and Italy every time I'm there, now more and more. Trento is a nice place to be, the people are friendly, you eat well and you are surrounded by beautiful nature.


Tell us about your life in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands I'm studying at Nimeto Institute in Utrecht, where I'm studying media and communication, then I'd like to switch to journalism. I'm having a lot of fun in this course of study. I'm allowed to work with good, professional equipment, the curriculum is very up-to-date, I'm very busy and I'm learning a lot of things that are also related to this moment in history. These things are what I like most about this programme.

I have a job in a restaurant which unfortunately is closed for now because of the coronavirus. Normally I would work there every weekend. I work in the kitchen and cooking is also my hobby at the same time. After that, I like to play football, I'm studying music and I like making music and then travelling is one of my favourite passions.



How have you experienced this period of health emergency?  

Of course the coronavirus has also appeared in the Netherlands, as in every country, and the damage caused by the coronavirus is enormous. At the moment we are in isolation again and this time the situation is much stricter and tougher. Despite the unpleasant situation I try to make the best of it.

At the beginning of October my stepfather had a cold. He immediately had a Covid test and to my and my mother's surprise it turned out that he had the coronavirus. We all had to go into quarantine immediately, cut off from the outside world. After a few days of quarantine, my mother and I also started to develop symptoms. Of course we got tested and found out we also had Covid. Then the period started with lots and lots of time at home. In the Netherlands you are allowed to go outside only if it is really necessary, for example to let the dog out, and that is what we did and it was really the only time during the day that we were outside. Of course we had to avoid going anywhere near people. 
For a couple of weeks I was isolated and after a difficult first period, I had to attend school lessons from home anyway and that was very impactful. The first week I was on holiday from school, then the second week even if I was still not well, nevertheless I had to attend school lessons. Having got mildly affected by the virus then I was well again so I started reading, making lots of music, watching Netflix and having conversations with my parents. I can say I got carried away mentally, it was still a difficult time and I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

After two weeks of quarantine we were able to resume our normal lives: my mother,  manager of theatre groups and my stepfather, caretaker of a primary school. As for me, luckily I was able to go back to school again, partly in attendance and partly from home.
We're about two months now since the infection and I notice the difference, I no longer suffer from anything and I haven't been sick again either. I realised the impact the coronavirus had on me, and as a young student, I sometimes want to forget all that time.



How has your life changed since your illness?

After my infection I have not behaved differently from before. I certainly avoid parties and crowded places and keep my distance from unknown people. Of course because of this period of isolation I am still trying to find my friends, because I have discovered how much I love the most precious things I have, and these are my friends and family.

I enjoyed writing for all of you, and I would like to say to all the people of Trentino: you live in a very beautiful part of Italy, and you can be very proud of it.

Until next time!




December 2020

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