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Giovedì, 22 Aprile 2021
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Provincia Autonoma di Trento - Mondotrentino


Participating in these exchange programmes means.....

  • taking advantage of an opportunity to encounter different cultures
  • living and sharing you experiences in a family environment
  • meeting new friends within a common cultural context




Due to the continuing global pandemic situation, the 2021/2022 edition of the Youth Exchange Program is temporarily suspended and it is currently not possible to send applications for the year 2021.

As soon as there are favorable health conditions to implement the initiative we will provide further communication.  




For young persons of Trentino origin resident abroad
the visit to Trentino will be a chance to discover or rediscover their roots and the traditions and values handed down from their emigrant ancestors. It will also be an opportunity to get to know Trentino as it is today, to meet its people, experience its communities and understand how the social and economic aspects of the province are structured.

For young persons resident in the province of Trento
and living for a period with a Trentino family abroad, the initiative will be more than just an opportunity to discover what life is like in that particular country. It will also mean being able to better understand, through the authentic first hand accounts of  the Trentino emigrants they come into contact with, the realities of the phenomenon of Trentino and Italian migration in that country.


For all participants
the experience will offer a valuable opportunity to compare their values, lifestyle and expectations with those of their peers, with whom they will be able to build and consolidate relationships of mutual understanding, trust and friendship.



Young persons of Trentino origin resident abroad and young persons resident in Trentino. Age: between 18 and 35 years at the date of application.

To date, the past editions of the initiative have involved, in numbers relative to the applications received, young persons of Trentino origin residing in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Guatemala, Mexico, the United States, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

To date, families from the following areas in Trentino have participated in the programme: Trento, Lavis, Piana Rotaliana, Altopiano della Paganella, Alta and Bassa Valsugana, Val di Non, Val di Sole, Alto Garda and Ledro, Valle dei Laghi, Altopiano della Vigolana, Val Rendena, Valli Giudicarie, Primiero, Val di Fiemme and Vallagarina.




The regulations of the programme require that families of participants offer reciprocal hospitality. Hospitality must be provided for 3 weeks and the exchange programme will take place over two distinct time periods:

Step one
Stay in Trentino
3 weeks in July
July 1 - 21, 2020

Step two
Stay abroad
3 weeks at a date chosen by the participants (during the year after step one)
the period will be agreed upon by the two partners, with the supervision of the relevant provincial service 



For each visit, whether to Trentino or abroad, in addition to the young participants and their families, the involvement of other entities in the respective local community (municipalities, local authorities, associations, youth groups, student groups etc.) will also be encouraged. An extended hospitality network will offer the concrete support necessary to cater for the interests of the young participants and raise awareness within local entities and organisations on the subject of the exchange programme (e.g. through meeting other young persons in the area, taking part in sports, recreational activities and tourism and cultural excursions with local groups, encounters with students and cultural associations or other associations and visits to companies, schools, universities etc.). 

Step one = Stay inTrentino
During the stay in Trentino, group activities for discovering the homeland of the participants’ ancestors will be organised twice a week. While the young persons hosting the overseas guests may participate in these activities should they so wish, work or studies permitting, participation is mandatory for the guests.
The Emigration Office organises a calendar of official events including cultural and tourism visits and tours throughout the territory, with particular focus on the cities of Trento and Rovereto and the Upper Garda and Dolomite areas.
Once the individual expectations and interests of the young guests have been ascertained, the calendar may also be supplemented with a number of collateral activities, such as visits to educational, cooperative, economic, cultural and local sports institutes and organisations.
During the visit, there will be a introducing briefing presenting the programme. For the remaining days in the visit, where participants are free to do with their time as whey will, the individual host families may wish to propose excursions, sports activities or any other activities deemed useful in allowing the young guest to experience normal everyday life (even commonplace family activities such as going shopping, visiting friends and relatives etc.).
Throughout the duration of the visit, each local host participant is encouraged to make time to take the guest on day trips to the place of origin of the guest’s emigrant family, organising preliminary contacts, if necessary, with members of the local community (e.g. visit to the church, meetings with relatives/acquaintances, visits to ‘Pro Loco’ and other associations etc.).
The young hosts may also organise or propose sports and recreational activities (e.g. swimming, cycling, walking etc.) and participate in cultural events, involving their own circle of friends and acquaintances, including other young Trentino residents who have participated in previous editions, to encourage the development of an ever larger and more integrated hospitality network across the territory.
The visit to Trentino will conclude with a farewell PARTY, for all participants in the exchange programme (guests and hosts).
During the three months leading up to stage one of the programme (stay in Trentino), the Emigration Office will organise informative meetings for the young Trentino residents and their families to provide them with a more detailed picture of the opportunities offered by the initiative and to ascertain the expectations of the participants, in order to encourage a more globally shared involvement in this cultural experience.

Step two = Stay abroad
In the year following the visit to Trentino by young persons of Trentino origin resident abroad, a visit abroad will be organised for the young Trentino residents. This second stage in the programme will also entail spending a period of 3 weeks as guests with host families.
In the period leading up to the visit abroad, the respective host participants are required to prepare a proposal for the visit itself, identifying cultural itineraries introducing the guest to the natural, institutional and cooperative realities of the local territory, together with collateral everyday activities affording the guest numerous different opportunities for experiencing at first hand the realities of the host country through the perspective of a family of Trentino origin that has fully integrated into this reality.



The Autonomous Province of Trento will subsidise the expenses of all participants in the programme by:

  • reimbursing up to 990,00 euro of travel expenses (from/to NO EUROPEAN COUNTRIES) and insurance costs (accident and illness) for the duration of the visit
  • reimbursing up to 450,00 euro of travel expenses (from/to EUROPEAN COUNTRIES) and insurance costs (accident and illness) for the duration of the visit

Board and lodgings will be provided reciprocally and entirely by the families of the respective participants, as defined by the regulations.



Young persons of Trentino origin resident abroad

interested in participating in an exchange programme may submit their application by filling in and signing the following form:

FORM – application to participate

the completed form must be sent between January 1st and February 28th of the year of the programme by email (as a pdf or jpg) or fax, enclosing a copy of an identification document and a doctor’s certificate showing the updated status of physical and mental health, to the following address:

Provincia Autonoma di Trento
International Affair unit
Servizio Attività internazionali
Ufficio Emigrazione
Via Grazioli, 25 - Casa Moggioli
38122 Trento (ITALY)
fax + 39 0461 493155



Closing date
The application form must reach the relative provincial service between January 1st and February 28th of the year of the programme, by email or fax as described above.

Criteria for acceptance
in evaluating the applications received, every measure will be taken to ensure the fair and proportional participation of young persons of Trentino extraction from different countries and of young Trentino persons residing in different areas of the provincial territory.
Due to budget constraints, a maximum of 44 young persons will be admitted to participate in each edition (22 participants resident abroad and 22 participants resident in Trentino).
For each edition, only one application may be made per family. Applicants with a sibling that has already participated in a previous edition will have lower priority than other applicants. Following the evaluation of the applications received within the terms described above, the list of the 44 applicants admitted participate in the edition will be published on this website from April 1st that year.
Rejected applicants may reapply for the following edition.

Rejection criteria
Applicants who have already participated in a similar initiative.

Antonella Giordani
Phone +39 0461 493177

Application form
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